Experience The Next Level of Hospitality Service with Private Dining

The private dining program brings fine-dining chefs and restaurants home for service. It offers a safe, relaxed dining space with highly individualized menus for large and small numbers of guests. It is a concept of a chef’s Table that is popular on cruise ships. The program gives an opportunity to bond with new and loyal guests by offering top-level hospitality service to make an indelible impression. Being a guest, you can also interact with chefs and understand the concept, what inspired each dish, what type of ingredients they use, and who cooks your food. Professional Chefs and staff can wow guests more by offering unique, attentive service by being well-versed in every menu item and drink.

So, if you are a restaurant owner who wants to offer a private dining experience to your guest, but don’t know how to start, this blog is dedicated to you. In this blog, we’ll offer you complete information about private dining. So, let’s dive into how to start and run a successful private dining program.


The most unique things about private dining are Privacy. Corporate parties and families want to book a private dining experience that they can enjoy with their guests without any disturbance and noise. If your restaurant does not have a private room, you can create a sense of privacy with some creativity.


You should also keep in mind that the ambiance of a private space should match the tone and personality of your restaurant. It’s great to think of your private dining (from here on stylized as PD) room as a concentrated dose of your restaurant’s identity.  If you focus on some factors including a seafood restaurant, decorate the walls of your PD room with pictures of ships’ wheels, anchors, harbours, and other nautical ornaments, and it will make your guest’s day memorable. 

Create Enough Space

Ensure that your table has enough space for diners to sit and move about comfortably. No one wants to stand against a wall and have to wade through a difficult murder obstacle course of chairs, people, and tables every time they need to use the bathroom. Make sure your guests have enough space. 

Creating privacy

Some restaurants do not have the luxury of a private room. But you can create privacy by being a little creative. Think of it like your first dingy apartment or too-small first home and how you had to use furniture to divide rooms and create a sense of separate quarters out of consignment shop décor. Utilize bookshelves, cabinets, stand-alone shelves- anything big and bulky that will take up space and act as a divider. Shelving is great because you can add personality by stocking them with knick-knacks, cookbooks, or other objects to enhance play up your restaurant’s personality.

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