Americana has been serving the community for 30 years. Our credo is “our effort is our distinction” and this means we make every effort to deliver the most pleasurable, flavorful and healthy meal to each of our guests every day. Our team is made up of professionals that have the experience, attitude and energy to serve our guests.

Whether it be our locally sourced produce, all grass-fed beef, house-baked bread and every possible item from scratch, we push ourselves for our guests. We never rest on our laurels and always strive to be the very best, every day. Maybe that is why we were named The Best Diner Breakfast and Best Diner (overall) in New Jersey by the Star Ledger – Inside Jersey Magazine. Give our food a try and let us become your favorite destination.


The Katsifis family buys a 150-seat diner that was built by Ralph Musi in 1978 Mediterranean-style architecture.


Americana expands to 192 seats and renovates the interior and much of the exterior. Restaurant designer, Josh Nathanson introduces “Time to Dine” and the iconic clock tower. Mediterranean style was replaced with art-deco design.


Americana adds a large bar and lounge area with a separate entrance.


Americana sheds the laminated book menu and transitions to all freshly prepared food from scratch, and responsibly sourced ingredients.


Heart-breaking yet shining moment. After four days without power due to Superstorm Sandy, the Americana team pulled together and served 50,000 guests in one week, as many in our surrounding communities remained without power for another seven days.


Star Ledger launches a statewide search for NJ’s Best Diner. Their conclusion – which humbly was already embraced by our community, which is the benchmark for which we really strive – Americana is the Best.


We rehire Josh Nathanson to design the next-gen Americana. We draw inspiration from both the original landmark design, and the quintessential “Americana Architect” – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robbie House.


Renovations begin. The project includes: A quick kitchen take out drive up window for high quality thoughtfully prepared food and drink on the go. A grab-and-sit counter for quickest service, a circular bar inspired by a European concept of a blend between coffee and cocktails, and two private event spaces for 30-150 persons.


Americana rebrands as Americana Kitchen and Bar explaining: It seems to me that “diner”, my first love, has not evolved as a category that infers: healthful, mindful, delicious, community, professional, all day eatery as I wanted it to. Therefore, we renamed her, Americana Kitchen & Bar as a better marque of our passion to deliver real food and a restorative dining experience.”


An expansive outdoor colonnade will be introduced for our community.